Footy Works

Footy Works

'Footy Works' is a Windows-based AFL statistics software application covering all 16000+ AFL/VFL matches from Round 1 1897 to the present date. It is arguably the most powerful software of its type available.

Some of the features of 'Footy Works' include:

  • Quarter by Quarter goals, behinds and scores for all matches ever played.
  • Venues and Dates of all matches.
  • Crowd figures for all matches from 1921, and for all finals matches.
  • Statistics by Seasons, Rounds, Dates and Times, Matches, Teams and Venues.
  • Statistics categories include Scores, Margins, Quarters and Halves, Streaks & Sequences, Win-Loss Records and Attendances.
  • Round-by-round Player Statistics from 1897 which can be grouped by Team, Individual, Player Number, Opponent and Career
    (Player data from 1897 to 1989 is available as an optional extra).
  • Powerful match and player statistics search facility.
  • Hierarchical navigation.
  • Billions of possible statistics available to display.
  • Results of all the Night competition (pre-season) matches ever played.

'Footy Works' will run on virtually any computer with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11.

Registration and 2024 data updates to Footy Works 2024 Edition is $150. The (optional) 1897 to 1989 player data is available for an additional $300 (subscribers who paid this at any time prior to 2023 will NOT need to pay this again in 2024).

The data can be updated by the user, or you can subscribe and receive the data via e-mail. There is also a Help System incorporated to give you assistance.

If you are in a tipping competition, or if you like to bet on the results of matches, you can use the statistics to help you make your selections for likely winners and margins. You can also get Footy Works to predict the winner of future matches calculated from the Footy Works database!

To give you some idea as to the amount of data available from Footy Works, there are more than a billion screens of data available to view in the Default configuration of Footy Works. If you start changing some of the statistics parameters, then this number blows out into the trillions! Truly an endless supply of statistics and figures to view!

Below are just a few screen shots from Footy Works, to give you a taste of what information Footy Works can provide (these are literally the tip of an enormous iceberg!).

'Footy Works' has a match prediction function that has produced the following results over the years (on default settings, with 0.5 added for each drawn match):

  • 2017: 138 winners from 207 matches - 66.7%
  • 2016: 138 winners from 207 matches - 66.7%
  • 2015: 134 winners from 206 matches - 65.0%
  • 2014: 146.5 winners from 207 matches - 70.8%
  • 2013: 148.5 winners from 207 matches - 71.7%
  • 2012: 152.5 winners from 207 matches - 73.7%
  • 2011: 135.5 winners from 187 matches - 72.5%
  • 2010: 113 winners from 176 matches - 64.2%
  • 2009: 118 winners from 176 matches - 67.0%
  • 2008: 118 winners from 176 matches - 67.0%
  • 2007: 115.5 winners from 176 matches - 65.6%
  • 2006: 108 winners from 176 matches - 61.4%
  • 2005: 117.5 winners (with 69 winners from 88 matches in the last 11 rounds) from 176 matches - 66.8%
  • 2004: 118 winners from 176 matches - 67.0%

Footy Works users include Channel 9, Fox Footy Channel, Champion Data and Triple M FM.

Click here for some user testimonials for Footy Works.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in installing, registering or running Footy Works, please see the Footy Works F.A.Q. Page for more information.

Here are the Footy Works Terms and Conditions of use.

You can view the Revision History for Footy Works to see what has changed since it was first released.

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